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Dr Elizabeth White is passionate about Weight Loss and has trained with the genius that is Paul McKenna and has now developed her own programme called “In Control Around Food”. Call for a consultation or to arrange a Corporate Event, email, or go to the Shop to find out more.

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What is Hypnotherapy?

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At our current level of knowledge, the phenomenon of hypnosis cannot be conclusively defined but perhaps a reasonable interim definition might be that: Hypnosis is a state of mind, enhanced by (although not exclusively) mental and physical relaxation, in which our subconscious is able to communicate with our conscious mind. It may be better to define "hypnosis" by what it does rather than what it is and in this regard, it is widely accepted as a most excellent method by which we may access our inner potential. The state of mind referred to may be brought about either by oneself, unaided (self-hypnosis) or with the help of another person. When this other person is a trained professional, who utilises the resultant state of mind to encourage beneficial change to occur, then the process is referred to as "Hypnotherapy".

In this regard, it is the innate healing capacity of our own body that may be stimulated by Hypnotherapy. Consequently, the list of problems which may be amenable to Hypnotherapy is far too long and varied to catalogue but certainly includes stress, anxiety, panic, phobias, unwanted habits and addictions such as smoking, overeating and alcoholism, disrupted sleep patterns, lack of confidence and low self-esteem, fear of examinations and public speaking, allergies and skin disorders, migraine and irritable bowel syndrome (IBS). Additionally, it has proved of value within surgery, where normal anaesthetics have not been practical, in the wider sphere of pain management and in the areas of both sporting and artistic performance enhancement. As an adjunct to other counselling techniques, it can also assist in helping to resolve relationship difficulties and be useful within anger management strategies.

Regardless of the techniques employed, perhaps the most important thing is that you should expect to feel comfortable and at ease with your therapist. This is of particular importance in Hypnotherapy, in which the value of the treatment is greatly enhanced when there is confidence in the practitioner. For this reason I recommended that only a single session is initially booked, leaving you subsequently free to decide if you wish to proceed with more.

N.B. There are some instances in which Hypnotherapy may be contra-indicated such as some depressive illnesses, epilepsy and psychosis.

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What is IEMT

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Integral Eye Movement Therapy is a brief change work process that generates rapid change in the area of undesired emotional and identity imprints. The treatment process and algorithms of the technique answer the question "How did I learn to feel this way, about that thing?" and applies specific change at the right place within your model of the world.

By building resources from inside the problem state, IEMT brings you more into the present and enables you to stay out of past negative experiences permanently.

What is NLP

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Neuro-Linguistic Programming is a powerful body of information about how the human mind works, built up since the 1970's and continues to evolve through new research. You will find many different descriptions of NLP.

At the heart of NLP there is wide range of methods and models offered for understanding how people think, behave and change. It offers a flexible approach which brings about positive, fast change in individuals and organisations and empowers them to adapt in an ever-shifting world.

NLP provides the skills to define and achieve your outcomes or goals and a heightened awareness of your five senses, allowing you to remain flexible, on track and maintain rapport with those around you.

"NLP is an attitude which is an insatiable curiosity about human beings with a methodology that leaves behind it a trail of techniques."
Richard Bandler (Co-creator of NLP)

"The strategies, tools and techniques of NLP represent an opportunity unlike any other for the exploration of human functioning, or more precisely, that rare and valuable subset of human functioning known as genius."
John Grinder (Co-creator of NLP)

NLP is about:- communication , language, modeling excellence, mastering your mind and the study of internal experience!

What is TFT

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Thought Field Therapy or TFT is a natural, drug-free, non-invasive system to eliminate the root cause of negative emotions. Whilst tapping, they focus on the thoughts, feelings, and physical sensations that they want to get rid of, like those that come along with depression or anxiety. The name of this treatment comes from the focusing on the thought field you want to change, while at the same time, tapping on the appropriate treatment points. It works on the body's own energy field and, using a precise and defined sequence of gentle tapping on specific energy meridian points, has an unprecedented success rate of up to 98%. Most people gain lasting relief from their problem within a few minutes!

No other treatment presently available, conventional or complementary can claim the same exceptional success rate, speed and completeness. The key to this was the discovery by Clinical Psychologist Dr. Roger Callahan of the natural code that governs the healing of psychological problems. And, vital to a total cure, he discovered the phenomenon of 'Psychological Reversal' which causes some people unconsciously to self-sabotage their own recovery. He also discovered the way in which this Psychological Reversal problem can instantly be solved.

Thought Field Therapy goes directly to the root cause of all psychological problems including stress, anger, trauma, phobias, panic, anxiety, excessive guilt, depression, addictive urges, obsession and grief. TFT has even been useful with chronic pain.

At its highest level of proficiency Thought Field Therapy has an unprecedented success-rate of up to 98%, evidenced by a study carried out in 1986 and replicated in 1996 and 1998.