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Dr Elizabeth White is passionate about Weight Loss and has trained with the genius that is Paul McKenna and has now developed her own programme called “In Control Around Food”. Call for a consultation or to arrange a Corporate Event, email, or go to the Shop to find out more.

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Natural Pain Relief

Natural Pain Relief

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A growing number of Doctors are now relinquishing medication in favour of Hypnotherapy, an amazing natural pain relief that can be simply learned and experienced by anyone.  Once taught professionally, this natural method of pain relief can be administered personally in the privacy of your own home. Hypnotherapy has provided effective relief in thousands of clinical cases with a very high success rate.  Furthermore, it doesn't seem to matter how severe the pain is or how long you have had it either, and the results can be powerful and long lasting.
Hypnotherapy can suggest stimulating the natural pain receptors in the brain to decrease or switch off the pain, rebalancing the body's energies, bringing both emotional and physical pain relief to any part of the body.
Pain can be caused by both physical and emotional damage; therefore many people have experienced spontaneous remission whilst using Hypnotherapy.

Many have experienced relief from pain and discomfort relating to Migraine, Fibromyalgia, Muscle Pain, Headaches and many more.

This CD should never be a substitute for a proper medical diagnosis.

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