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Havening Techniques™ Better Living Through Neuroscience

Havening Techniques™ have been developed by Dr Ron Ruden MD., in collaboration with his brother Dr Steven Ruden who is based in New York and run private medical and dental practices respectively.

Elizabeth White Ph.D.,

Dr Ron Ruden has been studying neuroscience for over 20 years in order to develop science-based methods and techniques to help his own clients.

For more than 10 of those years his focus has been on designing, researching, clinically testing and evolving a really effective set of approaches for quickly, thoroughly and reliably treating trauma and other amygdala-based issues (basically anything involving fight or flight responses).

The result of this ground-breaking work is Havening Techniques™ formerly called ADT Amygdala Depotentiation Technique. These methods are now being taught to therapists, doctors, coaches and many others in the caring professions and people-development professions from across the world.

Havening work is being done with military veterans, members of the public, students and this work is positively touching the lives of people from all walks of life.

You too can now learn Havening Technique™?

Elizabeth White Ph.D.,

Havening uses the sensory input of touch as a key part of its success. The practitioner or the clients themselves makes particular sweeps over the arms, hands and face. This is what triggers the delta waves in the brain. The delta waves in turn prompt helpful chemical chain-reactions in the amygdala. This removes specific AMPA Receptors from the surface of neurons in the amygdala where the traumatic event is 'stored'. For some particular uses of Havening there is also some distraction techniques used so that as the work is being done, the area of the brain storing the trauma is not constantly being re-activated.

Traumatic experiences can lead to the brain encoding the experience in ways that can lead to psychological and/or physical 'symptoms'. Havening can help to treat all of these symptoms.

Elizabeth White Ph.D.,

Who is this training for?

Professionals who are involved in people-development work, such as coaches, therapists, NLP practitioners, Medical Practitioners, Complementary Practitioners, Support Workers, Emergency Services - First Responders, EFT, TFT and EMDR practitioners and many more...

What will I get from the 2 Day Approved Training?

This 2 day programme will cover the scientific explanations of how Havening Techniques™ work and where Havening can be helpful in both therapeutic and personal development work. You will see demonstrations of the different forms of Havening in action with much hands-on practice using the Havening Techniques™ with other participants. You will get a full set of DVDs and a manual and your questions answered both during the training and beyond. This is Stage 1 in a 3 Stage process towards certification which is optional.

In this two day training you will learn how to treat a wide range of issues such as:

  • Anxiety, Panic Attacks, Abandonment Issues, Fears, Phobias, Distressing Memories, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder PTSD, Anger, Grief, Guilt, Cravings, Compulsions, Emotional Eating, Stress, Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), Confidence, Depression, Chronic Pain & more ... Often within One Session, Havening can completely and permanently resolve these issues.
  • You will discover the rationale and scientific basis behind The Havening Techniques™ and why they work.
  • You will learn and apply all the different types of Havening Techniques such as Event Havening, Transpirational Havening, Affirmational Havening, Outcome Havening etc...
  • You will personally practice and experience the Havening Techniques™
  • You will discover how to use Havening with various other psychotherapeutic methods, such as Hypnotherapy, Psychotherapy, NLP, CBT, Coaching etc...
  • You will also receive two Havening Techniques Training Manuals and a set of educational DVDs of Dr. Rudens 10 year ground breaking scientific research. These products contain the most up to date scientific neurobiological information of how trauma and pathological emotions become encoded in the brain and body, and explain how the Havening Techniques™ remove these issues completely and permanently. These are invaluable resources for any therapist and health professional.
  • You will leave this training with a whole new set of remarkable psychological techniques and skills that you will be able to apply immediately. These techniques will allow you to get extraordinary fast and lasting positive results for your patients and clients.
  • You will have the option to continue this process and become a Certified Practitioner of Havening Techniques™

Elizabeth White Ph.D.,

To book or enquire about your training please see below, call or email.

Please make sure any Havening Techniques™ Training that you are considering is approved by the originators. All Approved Trainers and Practitioners are listed here on the www.havening.org website.

This is an Approved 2 Day Training experience, which constitutes part of the journey to becoming a Certified Havening Techniques™ Practitioner, should you wish to make the commitment to the Full Certification process which involves the following:-

Stage 1:-
Participation in the 2 Day Training Course.

Stage 2:-

  • a) Submission of 30 Case Histories (forms provided) where you have used Havening Techniques™.
  • b) Submission of 2 video sessions where you use Havening Techniques™.
  • c) Successful completion of a Science Review to check your understanding of the science behind Havening Techniques™.

Stage 3:-

You will need to also take an Online Ethics Course that is run independently by Midge Murphy, a Professional Liability Risk Management Consultant. This course costs $149. By completing this course and passing the multiple choice quiz you receive a Certificate of Completion in Ethics & Legal Principles in the Practice of Havening Techniques™.

You will need to go here direct and pay Midge Murphy online.

Once you are successful in becoming a Certified Havening Techniques™ Practitioner you will be listed on the official http://www.havening.org website.

Please also note that there is an annual fee of $99 for your listing on the Havening.org website.

Book Your Place on this Approved Havening Techniques™ Training Course:-

Training plus assessment to Certification please click on the payment button below:-

To attend the training plus post-course assessment and Practitioner Certification once the remaining steps are completed and you are approved

£ 865

Havening Techniques™ has been refined considerably from anything you may find in a book, article or on YouTube clips.