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Freedom From IBS

Freedom From IBS

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Dr. Elizabeth White has been seeing people suffering from IBS Symptoms for several years and it is because of this that she has developed an interest in finding a better, more effective and natural way to treat them.  To be Free From IBS and it's many symptoms will give you a new lease of life.  So if you need Help With IBS to become IBS Free or need IBS Information please read on.

Elizabeth noticed that almost always sufferer's symptoms improved after a session of Hypnotherapy for IBS. So the next step was to start her own research for additional information and training in the subject and this was when she discovered that the world's leading authority was right on her doorstep, Professor P. J. Whorwell, who suggested that she train locally in a special workshop for IBS. Following this Elizabeth then went on to experiment with her results and hence modify her programme to achieve the highest possible improvements and still continues with every participating patient adding to this process. The information is collated and is anonymous, and is used to prove the efficacy of hypnotherapy with the presenting symptoms of IBS in all its forms.

This programme is not a substitute for proper medical diagnosis so should be used after diagnosis to relieve and remove the many IBS Symptoms and to provide natural Help with IBS.

All that's needed is to rate the symptoms at the start of the programme and then follow Part 1 of the programme for 30 days, reassess the symptoms, follow Part 2 of the programme for a further 30 days and then reassess again. From then on Parts 1 & 2 of the programme can be used alternately to continue the improvement of presenting symptoms or maintain the removal of the symptoms as required.

Ongoing development of this Freedom From IBS Programme continues and any future advances and enhancements will be announced as soon as they become available.  For further IBS Information please contact us.

Product Testimonial

WOW! This is what I call Help With IBS.  What can I say except that I no longer spend my time looking for the nearest toilet whenever I go out! My IBS Symptoms subsided within days and just continued to improve over the following couple of weeks until by about 5 weeks I felt so confident of myself that for the first time in 3 years I could comfortably cut down on my medication, even my Doctor was amazed. After 2 months I hardly need my medication, I have occasional ups and downs but who doesn't, so I have now come to realise that when I get distressed about something my symptoms tend to flare up a bit but nowhere near as bad as they were! I have virtually no discomfort and I take almost no medication now so it's a minor miracle and should be available on the NHS! Thank you.

A.W. Warrington