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Dr Elizabeth White is passionate about Weight Loss and has trained with the genius that is Paul McKenna and has now developed her own programme called “In Control Around Food”. Call for a consultation or to arrange a Corporate Event, email, or go to the Shop to find out more.

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The following list is by no means exhaustive. If the issue you need help with does not appear below, please give me a call on 01925 758842
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Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile Dysfunction

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Hypnotherapy is a proven natural way to Overcome Impotence and Solve Erectile Dysfunction and research has now confirmed this. Some of the commonest causes of Impotence and Erectile Dysfunction are Stress and Anxiety. But whatever the cause of your problem, hypnosis is a really easy and healthy way to help you safely Solve Impotence.

Because Stress and Anxiety plays such a leading role in Impotence and Erectile Dysfunction this recording firstly addresses Relaxation in order to get to the root of the problem and remove it. With repeated listening this Self Hypnosis CD then continues to help you resolve both the psychological and emotional issues to Overcome Impotence and Solve Erectile Dysfunction, enabling you to enjoy love making once again with so much more passion.