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Breathe Into Calm

Breathe Into Calm

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Breathing is something that we all take for granted except for when it is compromised, especially during times of Stress and Anxiety or Panic and many of us actually learn to live like that on a daily basis, without realising that we may be severely compromising our long term health and even our survival.  Using extensively tried and tested methods developed by Dr. Elizabeth White, you will learn Controlled Breathing or how to breathe appropriately which is essential in order to automatically bring about a physiological change in the body coupled with a psychological change in the brain as you begin to Breathe Into Calm and become Free from Panic, Anxiety and Stress Free permanently!

This CD talks you through how to do it, teaches you to easily master Controlled Breathing for yourself putting you in charge again, back where you should be, Free From Panic, Stress Free, calm and in control!  This is a must have product for anyone that suffers from Stress, Panic Attacks or Anxiety as it is the very first step to regain control over your symptoms.  This CD is suitable for any age group from children aged 6 and upwards.

Product Testimonial

I had been searching the internet for something like this Breathe Into Calm CD for a while now and there is lots of stuff out there for meditation and relaxation but this is completely different and totally unique.  It actually tells you how and why you should do this type of Controlled Breathing which does make a great difference to anyone that suffers from Panic Attacks, Anxiety and any type of Stress Symptoms.  It talks you through how to do it and makes it really easy for you so that you know you are doing it properly.  It has given me the help I needed to be able to go out anywhere with the confidence that I can control how I feel now.  As long as I am in control of my breathing I feel I can cope with just about anything.  Thank you so much for this it's given me my life back!

T.H. Cheshire