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Instant Fat Loss Wonder Pill - will it ever happen?

25/10/2009 22:01:10

Is there such a thing as a wonder pill for fat loss or an easy diet - these latest claims are approximately 10 years off yet so I think not! It's cruel to dangle that carrot in front of a nation of overweight people who desperately need it now! Having battled the bulge for an amazing 26 years I already know the answer. As a rule nothing comes that easily and everything comes at a price. So I believe it is mean and misleading to offer such an instant fat loss solution which is still 10 years away and totally unproven for humans. Surely if the human body were to lose nearly half of it's fat content in such a short amount of time, it would render it into shock and could possibly cause a heart attack? Isn't raising the body's metabolic rate to the extent that is suggested also dangerous and controversial?

Obesity can be a very complex issue and coupled with the onset of diabetes we desperately need a solution or the health service will run out of funds based on the continually increasing, epidemic proportions of the problem. However, as this wonder drug is possibly still 10 years off, it is so unfair to already be raising peoples hopes when clearly some people may not even live long enough to benefit from this development. Surely in the meantime what actually needs addressing is the lack of education, especially for children, as to how our bodies process what we put in as food, and the emotional reasons as to why so many people now eat for the sake of it and not because they are physically hungry, but just because the food is there (and it sure is absolutely everywhere these days). It is also a very pleasant and social thing to do and food is the least valuable it has ever been whilst most of our modern diet has virtually no nutritional value whatsoever! What really needs to change is our emotional reliance on food and the eating for the sake of it mentality. I have spent the last three years educating every client on how to become in control around food so they only eat when they're physically hungry and stop when they're physically full and have now made it my life's mission to help people lose weight naturally, permanently and sustainably, which in turn makes it easy and means we'll all live longer and healthier lives because of it. Why can't I get this onto the school syllabus please? And hey it's a real money saver too so hope you're listening Mr. Gordon Brown?

Easy Weight Loss Linked To Cancer Prevention

24/01/2010 16:38:59

 Even More Reasons to Lose Weight Now... by Dr Elizabeth White

(Author of In Control Around Food)

With thanks to Sherry Brescia for many of the facts contained in this article.

Few words conjure up as much fear as CANCER, and for very good reason too.  According to research only heart disease kills more people every year.

But cancer is not really the mysterious disease that it's been made out to be so why is this? 

Because once you understand cancer and know that it's not just something that pops out of nowhere, you begin to realise that you can help prevent it.

Simply put, cancer is your body's ultimate reaction to things that it's not meant or designed to handle for long periods... 

Stress, chemicals, processed foods that are anything but "food", acid in your blood and tissues, nutritional imbalances and finally toxins. 

All of these contribute to allow the development of cancer cells in your body. 

But instead of just praying it doesn't happen to you, there are some very effective and easy strategies you can implement to minimise your chances of being an annual statistic.

Here are 3 of the top cancer prevention strategies:

1) Eat More Alkaline Causing Foods Than Acidic

Studies consistently show that cancer flourishes in an acidic, toxic environment, but fails to thrive in an alkaline environment.

So the more alkaline and less toxic you can make your body, the less attractive you are as a home for cancer.

When you eat easy to digest food combinations, eliminate acid forming foods from your diet and drink plenty of water, you are taking an important step toward great health and cancer prevention.

When your body is alkaline, it has more energy, so it can heal itself better.  It can more efficiently absorb vitamins and nutrients - all good news for healthy cell development. 

Plus high water content, alkaline foods deliver health-enhancing nutrients and natural alkaline water into your body and help flush toxins out.

All this means a more alkaline you, and a less desirable environment for cancer cells to form and survive.

2)  Beef Up Your Beneficial Bacteria... And Put Them To Work

Beneficial bacteria (probiotics) in your gut help to fight cancer too. 

Here's how:

The nitrites used in the processing of meats such as sausages, salami, pepperoni, hot dogs, corned beef, pastrami, bacon and cured hams are converted to carcinogens (cancer causers) by enzymes in your intestinal tract. 

But Lactobacillus Acidophilus strains can "eat" these nitrites and help deplete their numbers.
Plus L. acidophilus can also favourably change your intestinal environment and reduce the supply of enzymes that convert the nitrites to carcinogens. 

This helps reduce the potential of nitrites converting to carcinogens and can help eventually lower the risk of colon cancer.

The problem is that many people (especially those who are over-weight) have imbalanced intestinal flora, meaning their harmful bacteria far outweigh their good ones.

But this is easily remedied with good probiotic supplementation.

3)  Starve the Tumour Cells

Research studies have shown that when tumour cells were infused with Omega-6 fatty acids alone (found in most processed foods), they were jolted into overdrive and the tumours grew at an increased rate.

But when they were fed Omega-3 fatty acids, the tumour growth rate slowed dramatically.

Here's why:

Tumours love Omega-6 fatty acids, especially linoleic acid.  But Omega-3 fatty acids help reduce the amount of linoleic acid that tumours withdraw from the bloodstream...so in effect the tumours are "starved" of their favourite, desired nutrient and their growth slows.

In addition, Omega-3 fatty acids help promote the self- destruction of cancer cells, increasing their die-off rate and slowing overall tumour growth.

Since most people eating the standard Western diet are loaded with Omega-6 fatty acids and seriously lacking in Omega-3's, it's no wonder that cancer is the number 2 killer in the US. 

But this situation can easily be reversed.

In addition to avoiding processed foods and a diet heavy in meat (which are both full of Omega-6 fatty acids), it's important to take a very high quality Omega-3 supplement every day.

Pharmaceutical-grade fish oil supplements can help ensure that your Omega-6 to Omega-3 ratio is where it should be, and keep your supply of those necessary Omega-3 fatty acids strong to help fight inflammation, joint pain, premature aging and tumour growth.

Don't play Russian Roulette with cancer one minute longer. Do all you can to minimise your risk - your body (and your loved ones) will thank you again and again.


If you want to know more then just pop over to my website and check out my In Control Around Food download and then go and click on the link to Great Taste No Pain on Sherry's website where you can download all you'll ever need to know about eating alkaline forming foods as opposed to acidic and the welcome side effect is almost everyone loses weight too!

Now isn't that a great way to get healthy and slim and to live longer too?

How To De-Stress and Relieve Anxiety

13/02/2010 17:02:03

How To De-Stress and Relieve Anxiety

Because so many of you tell me that February can be one of the worst months, because of the long, dark days, the lack of sunshine and the post Christmas bills piling up, I thought I would talk about the antidote to stress, panic and anxiety.  That is of course RELAXATION - something that many of you have forgotten how to do!  So for the benefit of those who can't remember, I have written a few facts down just to remind you WHY it is so important.  So here goes...

Total Relaxation

Are you feeling stressed out, anxious or worried?  Do you sometimes get overwhelmed by everything around you - making you feel angry and frustrated?   Well good news because my Total Relaxation CD and download will totally change your world!

This recording will melt away your stress and anxiety, totally changing your perspective on the world, your world, for good!  This hypnotic process will create triggers in your unconscious mind to detect your anxiety levels and then begin removing your stress and therefore it stops those feelings leaving you calm, happy and totally relaxed, so nothing bothers you.

All I ask you to do is to relax, breathe and totally enjoy the experience.  The way that it works is to link certain words to specific actions that then releases you from the stress and anxiety and puts you into a state of deep relaxation and calm.  Don't be surprised if you end up with a great big smile on your face after this session!

Do you know how stress and anxiety impacts on your body?  For a start it dramatically compromises your immune system so, at this time of year when there's still lots of colds and flu around that's not good!  Just one session of hypnosis has been proven to boost your immune system by up to 200% in less than an hour and that's an awesome result!  Relaxation lowers your blood pressure, reduces the likelihood of headaches, gives you deeper more restful sleep, and improves your digestion, how much more convincing do you need?  You don't need to be susceptible to illness or pain when instead you can be feeling totally blissful and calm.

So what are you waiting for?  You owe it to yourself to relax and de-stress yourself now so buy yourself some Total Relaxation.  And at only £5.95 it's got to be a really wise investment!

I'd love to hear what you think about the download so please send me your comments and if you like me to use it for a testimonial on the website please me know as we all love a good news story.

How To Solve Low Female Libido

28/02/2010 16:39:53


New Product Just For The Girls - How To Solve Lesbian Bed Death

When the passion has gone out of your sex life it's often because boredom sets in with a long term relationship which can kill off sexual desire.  So if this is something that rings a bell with you then you'll be pleased to know that there are many amazing ways in which to enhance your sex life and solve that age old problem!  Without equipment or medication it's really possible to naturally boost female libido or increase sex drive and it comes in the form of Pleasure Beyond Measure which does exactly what it says on the tin! 

If you are female and gay and you have needs that are not being met then there's definitely good news, because your search for better love starts and ends here!  What if there was a fast, easy way to solve the problem of Low Female Libido or Sex Drive, often called Lesbian Bed Death - wouldn't you try it?  Well you should, simply because it will naturally save you time, money and probably an awful lot of heartache - it could even save your relationship!  You may even become a real "sexpert" even after only one session - now wouldn't that be something?  So you want to really enjoy sex again?  Do you want to have fun and reinvigorate and sustain your relationship?

All you need is a product called Pleasure Beyond Measure.  It's a unique and exclusive, downloadable audio programme that ensures your complete privacy whilst providing instant delivery both in terms of the product and what it promises!  We have many truly satisfied customers who tell us that it really "hits the spot"!  But don't just take our word for it as we're bound to be biased!  You really can't fail to be impressed because it also comes with a money back guarantee.  But even at such great value for money you'll be even more delighted to hear that not only do you get the audio programme but also two fabulous eBooks too!  One that promises you "69 Tips To Make Her Sex Life Super" and the other is a "Female Sexual Fantasy Workbook" which will have you discovering more about what turns her on than you ever thought possible!  So just how much pleasure can you stand and what are you waiting for?  Now you need look no further, just click on over to Pleasure Beyond Measure and get your sex life sizzling again!

So how does it work?  Well initially we'll teach you how to communicate with each other without physical touch and then move on to completely satisfying some of your deepest physical and emotional needs.  Using your imagination together to explore some of your deepest desires, your personal sexual fantasies, and sooner or later heightening your arousal to that point of no return, recreating the type of intimacy that will cause you both to finally give in to a level of passion that perhaps you had forgotten existed and then on into new possibilities that become so empowering.

If that sounds like what you're in need of then we really can't wait to welcome you now to all that pleasure.  We'd really love to hear from you - because this may be the only programme you'll ever need!

Maybe you're wondering where this product came from so here's the story behind the two creators.  The coming together (pardon the pun) of Liz & Zoë was so fortuitous and they do say that opposites attract, well in this case that's certainly what happened.  One's tall, one's short, one's straight, one's gay, one looks, acts and dresses like a lady from Cheshire and indeed has featured in Cheshire Life!  As opposed to the other who doesn't look, act or dress like a lady from anywhere, and her claims to fame are appearing in the Gay Times, The Pink Paper and well let's say much more of the same!  Sister Zoë Lloyd has 18 years experience as a Senior Nursing Sister within the NHS and as the Senior Trainer of a Specialist Stress Management business, Bee Happy Now providing high quality, fun training.  Dr. Elizabeth White is an experienced Clinical Hypnotherapist with many years of knowledge and expertise and a website with a wide range of products for helping her clients to relieve anxiety, lose weight, stop smoking and now to regain their libido and sex drive, therefore putting the passion and excitement back into their sex lives, whether female or male and regardless of their sexual orientation and she practices from her Therapy Centre.

Did you know that Queen Victoria actually refused to believe that Lesbians existed - can you imagine that?  If you check out this video it will really make you smile because it's all about the frustrations experienced when Low Female Libido occurs and the lengths we go to in order to do something about it.  It features lots of your favourite icons too such as Pink, Amanda Burton, Ellen DeGeneres, Cheryl Cole, Madonna and Rhona Cameron too.

Zoë acknowledges that her community is severely lacking when it comes to its own products - principally those aimed at helping gay females - because there is really very little out there.  Zoë says "We have been ignored for long enough - it's about time we had products like this of our own - this is fantastic a breakthrough for the female gay community."  So when Liz said "Why don't I create something for the girls"? Zoë replied "What a fantastic idea" and so Liz set herself the task of creating a product especially for the girls under the specific direction of Zoë to ensure total authenticity!  And so the collaboration was underway, joining Zoë's personal knowledge and experience and Liz's professional skills, the perfect solution was born!  That's why this product is so unique and needed to be made and the rest they say is history and if you don't believe it... just try it and see for yourself - be both our guest and our judge over at Pleasure Beyond Measure!  Hey... and we want all the testimonials we can get so please send them in and don't forget to include your photos too.

Just click here for more information: - http://www.pleasurebeyondmeasure.co.uk/index.php?mantado and see you there!