Smoking Hypnotherapy - Stop panic attacks, IBS relief, lose weight

Weight Loss

Dr Elizabeth White is passionate about Weight Loss and has trained with the genius that is Paul McKenna and has now developed her own programme called “In Control Around Food”. Call for a consultation or to arrange a Corporate Event, email, or go to the Shop to find out more.

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Within minutes you will be on your way to becoming an ex-smoker.
Simply the easiest way to Stop Smoking and achieve permanent success!

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What I offer

The following list is by no means exhaustive. If the issue you need help with does not appear below, please give me a call on 01925 758842
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Dr Elizabeth White Ph.D.

Speaker, Trainer, Coach, Counsellor & Consultant

Solutions for Corporate Stress!

  • Stress affects about 20% of the workforce at any one time Your investment in your staff will easily be tripled by increased productivity
  • Learn how stress can impact efficiency and productivity in your business
  • Find out the cost of stress to your business
  • Learn to recognise stress and reduce its impact on your workforce

Workshops for:

  • Employee Stress Counselling
  • Stress Awareness Workshops
  • Staff Training - Group and One to One
  • Stress Management Workshops
  • Health & Well-being Workshop
  • Weight Management Workshop
  • Depression and IBS
  • Applied and Guided Relaxation Session
  • Stop Smoking workshops
  • Focus on Performance Workshops
  • Public Speaking and Presentations
  • NLP for Consolidating staff training
  • Sales Training Workshops
  • Redundancy Counselling
  • Confidence Boosting Workshops
  • Increasing Personal Resilience

Therapy Videos

Video: TFT (Thought Field Training)

Video: 'In control around Food'

Remote Therapy Appointments

When you book a session with Elizabeth White you will be provided with a Skype Address for remote therapy sessions. Get skype